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   Maciej Musialik a.k.a. Diobo, is one of Britain’s most rapidly rising magicians. His unique style singled him out as one of the most enigmatic figures in the field.
   Since 2010, London has been home to his numerous performances. Some of the venues that have hosted his performances are the art galleries White Cube and Lazarides, as well as some of the best London nightclubs such as Cirque du Soir, Nude Noir, Gilgamesh and The Box. Celebrities, such as Lily Cole, Jay Jopling and Kate Moss, invite him to perform close-up magic at their private events. In May 2013 Diobo was performing at Keira Knighteley's and James Righton's wedding in Mazan. 
   However, despite his many live shows in prestigious venues and luminous halls, Diobo does not forget his origins and returns constantly to his natural habitat, i.e. on the road. For several years, he travelled around the world, practicing his skills and collecting novel moments and ideas. From the busy streets of Athens to the sun-drenched beaches of Barcelona and from the midnight sun of Sweden to the oases of Qatar, he explored the art of magic by performing in front of some of the world’s most culturally and ethnically diverse audiences. For him, it makes no difference whether he performs for Qatar TV and the President of Mozambique (Armando Guebuza), or for a group of unknown locals; he treats every audience with the same respect and humility.
   His journeys have inscribed in him a sense of cosmopolitanism and tolerance for difference. This longing for the ‘other’ is reflected in his uncompromising search for innovation and originality. For Diobo, success is found not in the stereotypical repetition of standard ‘hits’, but rather in experimentation, in challenging and surpassing one’s established limits. This is why he has now set a new challenge to himself: to specialize and excel in live television and theatre shows. His past milestones and present dedication point to a bright, promising future, which he is determined to achieve. Because life is a kind of magic, after all!



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